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Game Related:
"Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast"

General Information

    How-To: Display framerate

      To display framerate information, type in the command console (SHIFT+~):
        cg_drawFPS x
      "x" can either be "0" (off) or "1" (on).

    Error: Unable to load a custom map

      If you receive errors loading a custom map, allocate more memory to the game by typing in the command console (SHIFT+~):
        com_hunkMegs x
      Then restart the JK2 game. "x" is in Mb and is dependent on how much physical memory (RAM) is installed in the computer. Allocate only a total of two-thirds of the total RAM. A good solid amount is "128" that will cover most custom maps.

    Useful Commands:

      Click here to view a *.txt file that lists some useful commands for JK2.

Single Player

    How-To: Enable dismemberment

      Click here to download a zip file (6.06 Kb) and learn how to "tweak" the lightsaber dismemberment in SP gameplay. Follow the steps in the enclosed "readme.txt" file.

Multi Player

    How-To: Enable dismemberment

      If dismemberment is enabled on server, it has to be enabled on each individual Client computer as well for it to be seen. Type in the command console (SHIFT+~):
        seta cg_dismember x
      "x" can either be "0" (off), "1" (on), or "2" (full dismemberment). With "1" you won't see waist severing or decapitations. By using the "seta" command, it saves the command so it is always ready on your computer when you join a server.

      NOTE: The server you are currently playing on must have this enabled.

    Error: Unable to see/load installed skin or model

      There seems to be a limit on how many skins/models can be displayed in the character setup screen before joining a multi-player game. To choose a skin/model that is not being shown, type in the command console (SHIFT+~):
        model filename
      "filename" would be the name of the skin or model you want to appear as.

      NOTE: If this does not work, it means that the server you are currently playing on does not have that skin/model installed. You can not enable files that the server does not have.

Last Updated: 2003.03.06
Created: 2003.03.06

Further resources

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