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Computer Art

    "OOPS! Wrong Train" (293 kb)
    DESCRIPTION: A "what if..." situation depicting a scene from the LucasArts game "Outlaws", if the STAR WARS universe was thrown into the mix.
    CREATED: 1998-09-08
    © 1998, 2002 DIGITAL RENEGADE

    "Blood Moon" (370 kb)
    DESCRIPTION: An early attempt of layering two images.
    CREATED: 1998-09-20
    © 1998, 2002 DIGITAL RENEGADE

    "X-Wing Wire Mix" (139 kb)
    DESCRIPTION: A x-wing mixed with the STAR WARS logo.
    CREATED: 1999-02-03
    © 1999, 2002 DIGITAL RENEGADE

    "Blue Planet" (215 kb)
    DESCRIPTION: An original creation.
    CREATED: 1999-09-23
    © 1999, 2002 DIGITAL RENEGADE

Photographs (Digital)

Pictures Updated: 2006-08-16
  Outdoor Scenery
Pictures Updated: 2006-08-22
Pictures Updated: 2003-09-15
Pictures Updated: 2006-08-22
Pictures Updated: 2006-08-16
Pictures Updated: 2006-08-22
Pictures Updated: 2006-08-22

NOTE: All images are copyright of its respective owner. Any use other than for personal enjoyment (i.e. computer wallpaper) is forbidden without written consent, including but not limited to use in any part within a digital environment or printed published work of any type. The digital photographs have been resized to 1024x768 (or smaller). Most images are available in higher resolutions.

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Last Updated: 2006.08.08

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